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Q. Can you customise timbers or dimensions in your standard pieces?


​A. So long as your preferred timber is an Australian native we are happy to modify any of our existing designs to your exact specs. Because all our work is made-to-order we can customise dimensions to your needs with the only added premium being any additional material costs.


Q. Which retailers stock your work?


A. Currently all sales enquiries are handled directly through our website. If you are a retailer keen to stock our work please contact us.



​Q. Do you sell direct to public?


​A. Yes, direct to public is just fine with us. We love the engagement that comes from keeping a client updated with work-in-progress shots through our Instagram feed which you can find here.​



​Q. Can you make this <insert pic of mass produced furniture>?


A. The short answer is probably no, but the longer answer is why? If you are expecting us to be able to compete on price with a mass-produced, foreign-made, furniture brand we hate to disappoint, but the economy of scale makes this impossible. We prefer that you send through images of different pieces to demonstrate to us your aesthetic preferences and then we can add our own touches to create something unique for you.

​Q. Can you explain the process of commissioning a one off?

A. If you have ever scribbled a sketch for THAT one-off coffee table burning a hole in back of your mind then we are here to help.  We are happy to meet up in our workshop (or via email) to discuss any potential commission. Most bespoke commissions also incur a $400 design fee. 

If you decide to proceed we will require a 50% deposit with the remainder payable upon delivery.​Just keep in mind that a commissioned one off piece obviously comes at a premium price point (refer to economy of scale comment above) Contact us for more information.



Q. How does the design process develop?

A. Our initial design sketches will be worked up into a 3d computer model. We will render or sketch up the proposed design and create a document such as this. The 3d model is then finetuned in CAD to refine proportions, joints etc..... Then the serious fun (and the sawdust) starts to flow.​



​​Q. How long will it take to produce?

A. Once we have discussed the complexity of your individual piece we will give you a ballpark figure for delivery. Usually this is 6-10 weeks, but this obviously varies from piece-to-piece and our current workload.





Custom furniture design sketch by Sawdust Bureau



Our product ranges vary from Open Edition (such as our Struts Tables) through to strictly Limited Edition pieces (such as Pinch and Ostberg Benches).


Limited Edition pieces incrementally increase in price as the edition nears completion, benefitting early adopters of our work.




We also offer customisation services on all our existing designs to match your exact dimensions and material specifications. Because all our pieces are made to order, additional customisation costs are controlled and manageable, providing a custom piece of furniture without the premium price tag of a fully bespoke, one-off piece.

Q. 6-10 weeks? Bloody hell, is all your furniture made by hand or something?

A. All our work is crafted, assembled and finished by hand.

As a marque of the unique nature of our work, each piece of furniture is stamped with a maker's mark and given an edition number.​​

Q. Where is your furniture produced?

​A. All our work is designed and made in our Maribyrnong workshop.



Q. Do you outsource processes or make the whole piece in-house?

A. The main reason we got into studio woodworking is the satisfying moment at the end of the day when you look down and your clothes are covered in a cocktail of  sweat, sawdust, woodglue and danish oil. The ability to prototype pieces in-house with a variety of trade skills, sets us apart from the competition who may need to outsource aspects of fabrication. The only process we currently outsource is powdercoating of steel.


​Q. What timber would you suggest?

​A. We only use Australian timbers, so we aren't the makers for you if you want a piece made from American Oak or Walnut. We believe that celebrating the best of Aussie timbers is not only an aesthetic decision, but also our moral duty. Old-growth, tropical rainforest logging is an unnecessary destructive act. To find out more about the timber visit our Timbers 101 page.



Q. Is all your timber ethically sourced?

A. Wherever possible we use recycled, reclaimed or salvaged timber. Any new timber we purchase from our friends at Urban Salvage & Whelan the Wrecker .


Q. Do you offer woodworking classes?

A. Unfortunately not. Try our mates over at Victorian Woodworkers Association - tell them we sent you.



Q. Do you ship interstate and internationally?

A. Yes, we will ship to anywhere in the world (with full insurance).

Q. Does anyone read the whole way through FAQs?

A. There is a reasonable chance that you might be the first. Congratulations, treat yourself to a cold beer.


Unique, bespoke, one-off furniture design sketch by Sawdust Bureau



Just to be transparent right from the start; bespoke, one-off commissions are a premium service and start at a minimum of $1000 per piece. We do however offer complimentary, no obligation consultations in our workshop to show you exactly what we do, how we do it and what is possible on your budget. The full process for our bespoke design services is outlined here.



Our background in Architecture means that we can offer services beyond that of most furniture makers including full 3D CAD computer modelling and rendering to visualise your commission throughout the design process.

Bespoke Process

Meet with you in our workshop to discuss the project and introduce ourselves. Once we have established ideas of budget and brief etc a fixed design fee is agreed depending on the complexity of the piece.


We research and brainstorm ideas and trends in architecture, sculpture, interiors and funiture design to establish THAT Big Idea for your project.



We take you through every step of the process, from sourcing and dressing the timber, assembly through to final finishing with work-in-progress photos.


Sketch concepts are developed into 3D Computer models, physical scale models and even 3D prints.


We issue you a pdf document containing sketches and/or computer renderings. Download a sample document here.

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