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Monogram Box

Dimensions: 400 W x 230 H x 300 D

Materials:  Tasmanian Oak, Brass

Applications: Memory Boxes

'Monogram' is crafted from Tasmanian Oak salvaged after 30 years on the lakebed of Lake Pieman as part of the incredible Hydrowood reclamation project. 


The box features inlaid brass initialing, solid brass Brusso latches and stay-less 'Neat Elite' hinges (made in the UK and used in the Royal Wedding Box commission for HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011).


The internal base of the box is lined with premium grade leather.

* As with all Sawdust Bureau pieces, this design is made to order, therefore every aspect is fully customisable. Feel free to contact us to discuss your exact specification. *

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