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ANCESTORS by Sawdust Bureau 01
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ft. Sarrita King


Dimensions: 1600 L x 600 D x 290 H

Limited Edition Run:  49

Materials:  Ironbark, Brass

Applications: Coffee Table, Gallery piece



Ancestors’ is the debut collaboration between Sawdust Bureau and award-winning, indigenous Gurindji artist, Sarrita King. It features a dot-painted artwork (using the medium of inlaid brass dots) which examines the crossover links between indigenous dreaming and the astrological understanding and mapping of the stars.


The combination of an Australian indigenous species of timber (Ironbark) with an aboriginal story-telling aims to blur the boundaries between contemporary furniture and cultural artwork. 


The piece is strictly limited to an edition of 49 pieces.

* As with all Sawdust Bureau pieces, this design is made to order, therefore every aspect is fully customisable. Feel free to contact us to discuss your exact specification. *

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