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Sticks and Cork by Sawdust Bureau 01
Sticks and Cork by Sawdust Bureau 04
Sticks and Cork by Sawdust Bureau 02
Sticks and Cork by Sawdust Bureau 04_edited

Sticks & Cork

Dimensions: varies

Limited Edition Run:  Bespoke commission

Materials:  Spotted Gum, Cork, Blackbutt

Applications: Hanging planters, Cabinet, Shelving, Desk, Seating

Sticks and Cork was a bespoke commission for a client who wanted her love of mid-century modern designers and architects reflected in a contemporary lounge room fitout consisting of shelving, cabinetry and hanging planters.


The concept developed as a series of interlocking and elongated forms with shelving and planters bridging across the existing rendered-brick archway.


The material choices aimed to create a variety of textures through the use of a refrained pallet of Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Portugese cork.

* As with all Sawdust Bureau pieces, this design is made to order, therefore every aspect is fully customisable. Feel free to contact us to discuss your exact specification. *

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