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Tetromino Cabinet

Dimensions: varies

Limited Edition Run:  Bespoke commission

Materials:  Spotted Gum, Victorian Ash

Applications: TV media unit, bookshelves, whiskey cabinet

'Tetromino' was a bespoke commission for a residential space. The piece includes storage for books, media players and a display cabinet with built-in concealed Wifi-controllable LED lighting - the home of the whiskey collection.

The initial sketch design phase started off as a series of rectilinear boxes on tracing paper - thus ensued a game of Tetris with many configurations of 'tetromino' before we settled on the final composition.

A sliding, slatted door can be positioned to conceal or reveal the whiskey display, depending on which house guests the client is entertaining.

* As with all Sawdust Bureau pieces, this design is made to order, therefore every aspect is fully customisable. Feel free to contact us to discuss your exact specification. *

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