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Tri Trestle by Sawdust Bureau 01
Tri Trestle by Sawdust Bureau 02
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Tri Trestle

Dimensions: 1700D x 730H

Run:  Open Edition

Materials:  Vic Ash, Leather + Steel

Applications: Boardroom Table, Dining Table, Poker table.

Award-winning, Melbourne-based Architects, Tandem Design Studio, commissioned us to design and fabricate a boardroom table for their new warehouse office.


Tri Trestle gets it's name from the pair of triangulated, steel rod legs which support the tabletop. The disc-shaped, Victorian Ash top features a black satin finish achieved through 5 coats of hand rubbed WOCA oil and a 300mm wide leather inlay around the circumference. 


The leather provides a soft edge texture, perfect boardroom meetings (or for a Friday night game of poker). A leather-clad, pivoting circular disc (secured by rare earth magnets) was added to the centre of the table to allow power and data cable connections to laptops, projectors etc..  

* As with all Sawdust Bureau pieces, this design is made to order, therefore every aspect is fully customisable. Feel free to contact us to discuss your exact specification. *

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